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A Little About Myself

Personally, I have a genuine affinity with dogs - perhaps even a sixth sense as our canine companions possess....and  a strong desire to ensure their well being - from that of a dog owners perspective to that within the wider community - an avid contributor and follower to support the local RSPCA/Guide Dogs for the Blind/ Pets as Therapy with the ethos against any form of cruelty to animals being the backbone of my integral thinking..

A dog owner for over 20 years- through which my interactions with other dogs follows ...treating each one as if my own - with care and respect of which reciprocations being the ultimate aim.

Repeatedly I have been observed as that of a caring approach and calming influence to which dogs respond positively and confidently towards..

My previous background is that within the field of autism/SEN with young children following the upbringing of my own family which then turned my love of dogs into a way of life ..

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